King Avenue PLUS Workshops

March 14, 2019 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Just a quick reminder that King Avenue PLUS will be hosting the workshops led by the City of Flint and supported by the U of M- Flint In Design Studio. The Corridor plan being presented to the community is a serious attempt to hear the ideas of all concerned with change and support of M. L. King Avenue … business district, streets and sidewalks from Carpenter to Welch, and all of the large and small things that make the community a special place. King Avenue PLUS folks will be welcoming and encouraging folks throughout the evening. A workshop starts at 4:30 and another one at 5:30 in the hopes that this allows people to come on a schedule that fits their day. We need to listen well – and carry a clipboard or notepaper to note concerns and ideas … and to encourage people to write on the feedback as well as post their stickers.

This plan is not “done” … all of us can help it become the best for years to come.

See you by 4?

Questions – Jane is at 348-5332

Thanks for planning together for King Avenue’s future!

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