Neighborhoods Without Borders Meeting

January 19, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Oak Business Center
2712 Saginaw St #106
Flint, MI 48505

Neighborhoods Without Borders
January 19, 2017 Action Session
Oak Business Center, North Saginaw

Action Agenda

Follow-up on December action – see notes below

December 14, 2016 Action Session

Bob Brown (
Donna Ullrich (
Brad Snyder (
Joe Schipani (
Rigel Dawson (


Action to Dismantle Systemic/Institutional Racism


Action for the next 30 days

Continue the Tendaji Talks.  Do one session a month. Rotate the site. Bring in different cultures. Tendaji Talks will take place on Tuesday nights.  Haven’t decided on what Tuesday of the month.
Kick-off Speaker

  • Donna will check on the availability & cost of Michelle Alexander
  • Bob will check on the availability & cost of Ta Nehisis Coates
  • Rigel will check on the availability & cost of Rev. Barber and a partnership with Michigan Faith in Action
  • Brad will check on the availability & cost of Peggy Shepard and a partnership with the Health Department

Monthly Speakers

  • Joe will with a local veteran of the Civil Rights movement
Create the “Tendaji Talks – Ask an American” series (Ask me about African American culture, Ask me about Latino culture, Ask me about Muslim culture, etc.). Staff by representatives from the various Flint cultures, this series could take place in schools, at malls, at churches –anyplace people congregate. People, individually or in small groups could ask the representatives questions about their cultures. They could rotate from booth to booth.
  • Donna will talk with the UM Flint international Center to seek their partnership
  • Bob will talk with  local Indian (not First Nation peoples) residents to seek their Temple partnership
  • Rigel will talk with Michigan Faith in Action to seek their partnership
  • Joe will talk with the Hispanic Tech Center to seek their partnership
  • Brad will talk with the Arab American Heritage Council to seek their partnership
Create a movable art installation that would depict the dismantling of racism.  Move the art installations around the community and display them at schools, at malls, at churches –anyplace people congregate. Joe will bring back some ideas about what it might possibly entail and how it could happen.
Love for the People of Flint Exhibit Joe & Donna will talk with Sue and Lynne at the Community Foundation about all the letters and messages that they have received from people across the country and around the world regarding our water crisis and how they could be turned into an exhibition.
Create a day long multi-cultural festival at Kearsley Park. The festival would feature the music, art, food, customs, history, stories, and traditions of the many different cultures of the people of Flint. We are all very enthusiastic about this opportunity.  We will all talk with our colleagues and friends to see if others want to join in this effort

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